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MECO-DREV s.r.o. is a company that focuses mainly on the production of posts. We have been operating in the wood processing industry since 1997. In that year, the initial decision was made to build our own production hall, followed by assembly and commissioning of the line; production started in October 1997. In 2004, our company was awarded 3EC Certification.

With an annual production of about 3,000 m3, MECO-DREV s.r.o. ranks as a medium-sized producer. Its main competitive advantage is that it processes its own input material (the proprietor is Ing. Jerome Colloredo-Mansfeld, owner of the largest area of private forest property in the Czech Republic), which makes it possible for us to achieve highly competitive final product price levels.

An essential feature of our production is also the emphasis we place on the environmental aspects of our whole operation. Processing of round timber is appreciation of a significant component of forest production, which in the past was used only marginally (mine timbering, less valuable building elements) for reason of its small dimensions, which complicated the effective usage of this assortment in the furniture and building construction industries. Our production is based on a comprehensive appreciation of raw material on the principle of waste-free technologies.


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